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Silver Lining Classic Collies is working in partnership with Attitudes In Reverse(’s AIR® Dog’s:Paws For Minds Program (501c3). Our focus is to have certified dog behaviorist hand-pick, identify and evaluate the puppies that have emotional support and therapy dog potential. Puppies live with certified dog trainers. CPDT-KA. AIR Dogs provides training for families and certification.

Therapy Dogs can be used by therapists or clinicians to use in Animal Assisted Intervention. They can also be a part of a therapy organization to work with a handler to help others. 

Emotional Support Animals are animals placed with individuals with a disability. The presence of the animal alone will mitigate the disability. 

All Silver Lining Classic Collies make wonderful family dogs. All adult breeding dogs are health checked for genetic disorders. 

if you have interest in participating in our programs, or obtaining a health checked puppy with perfect temperament for therapy, ESA or a fantastic family pet, please contact info@SilverLiningClassicCollies.com


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